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Vocalcom Spain And Loquendo Announce Strategic Partnership

23/12/2008 12:20 PM

Vocalcom announced a strategic partnership through which Vocalcom Spain has integrated Loquendo ASR and Loquendo TTS into their product portfolio.

Barcelona, Spain and Turin, Italy - December 15th 2008 - Vocalcom, an international developer and integrator of contact center solutions, and Loquendo, global provider of speech technologies, today announced a strategic partnership through which Vocalcom Spain has integrated Loquendo ASR and Loquendo TTS into their product portfolio.  

With Natural Language - the solution from Vocalcom integrated within the Hermès family of platforms, companies from all market sectors can now offer a user experience based on natural language, significantly improving speech applications which until now only supported simple voice commands. The new solution enables enterprises to support "open questions" from callers. This feature is made possible by the understanding and dialogue system capabilities of Vocalcom’s Natural Language solution. Complex, embedded questions from callers are now successfully answered without losing the overall thread of a conversation and the interaction is practically the same as it would be with a human agent.

The integration of Vocalcom’s solution with Loquendo speech technologies enables callers to use all the available interaction channels and the result is an enhanced perceived quality of service and a more positive overall user experience. Furthermore, enterprises adopting this solution drastically reduce the maintenance and running costs of their contact centers, a key business driver in the current economic situation.

Loquendo´s speech technologies currently provide 61 different high quality voices and cover a total of 26 languages.

The integration of Loquendo speech technologies brings Vocalcom an additional market asset and supports them in meeting international sales and marketing targets for the Natural Language Solution. What’s more, this choice meets the requirements of customers wishing to provide services to speakers of different nationalities and languages around the world.

"The focus of this partnership is strategic and impacts positively on millions of customers, users and citizens, bringing them, at last, a solution that provides natural, high quality and extremely accessible customer care services in a broad range of languages" says Gabriel Navarro, Managing Director for Vocalcom’s Spanish, Portuguese and Mexican Operations.

"Loquendo’s speech technologies have been assessed by Vocalcom as being the best in the market, in terms of quality and international coverage: the right choice for a winning solution. Combining the strength of this solution with our high quality speech technologies, Loquendo ASR and Loquendo TTS, opens up the international market for our partner, enabling them to reach users from around the world" says Davide Franco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Loquendo.

About Vocalcom:

Over the past 10 years, Vocalcom has provided contact center solutions. With a global presence in 37 countries and over 3000 clients using our systems daily, Vocalcom occupies a strong position in today’s call center marketplace.


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