Contact Center

A contact center is a central point in a company from where all type of customer contacts are managed. In simple terms, a contact center is a technologically evolved call center that deals not only phone calls, but also e-mails, web inquiries, VoIP, faxes, web chats and even post letters. It is the front line of a business. One of the advantages of a contact center is the possibility it offers to its customers to decide on the medium they want to use to communicate with the company.

A contact center must be designed to maximize investments lower operating costs and grow with the business while ultimately achieving a competitive advantage. A good contact center is focused on three mutually dependent business objectives: revenue generation, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Improving service delivery and customer experience is the main objective of most contact centers.

An effective contact center

The channels contact centers offer for communication are: telephone – agent assisted, e-mail, fax, telephone – IVR self-service, physical correspondence, online self-service, sms/text messaging, telephone – speech self-service, web chat, web call back and web co-browsing.