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Contact Center Americas (CCAm) is Colombia’s principal contact center outsourcing company and one of only three COPC-certified contact centers in Latin America. CCAm offers integrated solutions with top-level productivity and quality standards to leading companies in the country, and serves a variety of Fortune 500 companies with customers that expect high levels of quality in both business operations and contact center performance. 

For Contact Center Americas, quality assurance is paramount to keeping users’ experiences rewarding and clients’ satisfaction levels up. With over 5,000 employees in five different sites, CCAm has had to design clear evaluation parameters and processes for each type of service performed in the contact center in order to maintain a high level of quality across the organization. CCAm leverages Autonomy etalk solutions for VoIP call recording and quality monitoring to enhance contact center quality and improve customer satisfaction and retention.


Monitoring Agent Interactions

CAm relies on Autonomy etalk’s recording and performance management tools to evaluate their agents’ skills and improve their performance. CCAm’s quality assurance department leverages Autonomy etalk’s Qfiniti platform to monitor and evaluate agent performance for each type of customer communication delivered through the contact center. The QA department monitors interactions in real time and plays back recorded conversations to determine critical errors that occur during agent-customer conversations.

CCAm additionally leverages Autonomy etalk’s call and desktop recording technology to monitor and evaluate operational processes in the contact center. For example, CCAm leverages Autonomy etalk’s recording and monitoring tools to improve and update its directory assistance line. By monitoring the calls made daily into the contact center, CCAm is able to evaluate call trends, explore potential services, and find new information to include in the directory. By monitoring both recorded and real-time conversations, the team is able to integrate new services and ensure contact center agents are providing callers with consistent and accurate information. As a result, CCAm’s directory assistance line has earned the highest accolades in the international area, earning recognitions such as the best information line in the Americas for 2006.


Improving Customer Retention

Autonomy etalk’s platform has provided numerous benefits to CCAm’s quality assurance team in terms of customer acquisition and retention. Expert agents conduct workshops utilizing recorded interactions as examples of successful and unsuccessful interactions.

During the workshops, the recorded calls are evaluated and analyzed for their effectiveness, helping agents recognize errors and improve their own techniques. As a result of the workshop activities, CCAm has enhanced agent performance, improved customer acquisition processes, and increased customer retention levels.

In a recent customer acquisition campaign for a large financial institution, CCAm has also shown a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction since the implementation of the agent workshops. Over a three-month period, CCAm achieved a 60 percent increase in sales per hour for every agent. In addition, CCAm’s monthly satisfaction surveys showed higher levels of customer satisfaction for the three months compared to previous campaigns. CCAm saw an increase from a 65% to 82% in its customer satisfaction ratings and continues to see steady improvement its customer satisfaction levels.

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Source: Autonomy etalk


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