Offshore call center outsourcing

“Outsource call center projects and save up to 50%.”

India, Republic of (Press Release) March 14, 2009 —

The customer contact center is one of the most under-exploited resources in the modern enterprise. Originally set up to consolidate and automate “routine” customer transactions, call centers today are ideally positioned to drive the next wave of customer value creation. This “perfect storm” of opportunity has been made possible by radical leaps in our understanding of customer relationship management and the power of the enabling technologies. Companies that fail to bring their contact centers into alignment with this potential will be at a significant disadvantage.


Telemarketing may have a mixed reputation, but in the B2B world, outbound telemarketing services pay off day after day. is a telemarketing services company and call centre services provider of inbound call centre, outbound telemarketing and voice broadcasting services. Our projects will save your thousands of marketing dollars by helping you discover the ideal outsourcing solution while avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes of outsourcing. Telemarketing is one way that businesses can advertise their products and offer their services. They will often use professional telemarketers or call centers to make telephone calls and send faxes to potential customers on their behalf.

Customer Support Services

Outsourcing your customer support call handling can be a smart way to handle rapid growth or to save money. Most call centers offer several types of services, so consider all the areas that your business could benefit from:


  • Customer support services
  • Order handling
  • Technical support
  • Qualifying inbound leads
  • Answering service/messages


When choosing a customer support services provider, make sure you choose a vendor who can provide an overall level of support sufficient to your needs. Start with the account managers who handle your case. They should understand your industry and your business, since they will be your day-to-day points of contact. They should also help you understand the full range of customer support services that you can benefit from.