Metaphor Launches SayMedia Voice Recognition Application for the iPhone

SayMedia Allows Voice Search Of Any Movie Or Any Current TV Show .

WELLESLEY, MA, March 4, 2009 – Metaphor Solutions, Inc., a leader in voice-enabled mobile applications and Web 2.0 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for enterprises, has launched SayMedia, a voice search application for various media on the iPhone. Users simply say a media title instead of typing it, making it much faster to input on the iPhone and then they can either play it or get other results right away.

SayMedia allows users to say the name of any US television show or any English movie for recognition on the iPhone. The application then presents users with a menu of options. For a TV show, users can record that show on their TiVo or get listings of search results for that show from YouTube and view them. The application also allows users to search for TV shows by time of day or by TV station. For movies, the users can add the movie to their NetFlix queue, find showtimes at local theatres and get theater directions, read all about the movie on the IMDB website, or view YouTube results for the movie including any trailers.

Current generation of mobile phones are becoming a hub of entertainment and media activities. SayMedia makes the search of media easy for mobile users given the small size of keyboards and limited visual interfaces. More about SayMedia application, including a video is available at and on the Apple’s iTunes store by searching for “SayMedia”.

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